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Frequent Questions
What if I Don’t Have a Business Yet?
To be a successful business owner, you’ve got to know yourself first. You should know your strengths, weaknesses and what type of entrepreneur you desire to be. Our courses are designed to walk you in-depth through every facet of your entrepreneurial journey so you don't end up going down a path that's not right for you. (Unfortunately, it happens all the time to folks who haven't enrolled in our courses.)
Why should I listen to you?
I have spent the last three decades researching how women learn and how they can create the fastest results for their unique business success. Every course in the School of Feminine Fortune is based on WHO you are, WHERE you are in your journey and HOW you can get results now!
I am a busy, single mom, I do it all— will I have time?
YES! I am a busy single mom too. I'm known as the Get it Done Girl, the QUEEN of Time Management. Your life will change completely when you take the Time Freedom Course.
What if I have questions not answered here?
If you have questions, please setup a call with Rebecca but please hurry so you don't miss the deal.
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