How to Eliminate Your Fear of Money

Posted on: February 28th, 2017 by Rebecca

Did you know that between the ages of birth and seven years old, you are constantly absorbing information? Many people adopt their parents beliefs during this time, including their money beliefs. Think about some of your rules; such as never using a credit card, or only using one for emergencies. It is very likely that your money rules come from your parents and family – but what do you do when they leave you with a fear of money? If your money mindset is wrong, you will not feel empowered to receive your feminine fortune. If you are feeling trapped and fearful of money, here is how to eliminate that fear.

1. Replace doubt with faith.

When I was going through a tough time, this became my mantra. Instead of worrying and doubting that you will be able to pay that bill, or buy that thing, replace it with feelings of gratitude for what you do have, and faith that things will work out. Have conviction that things will work out for you. Take a stand for money making being non-negotiable.

2. Recognize your money rules

As we discussed earlier, everyone has money rules. They can range from not using credit facilities, for example, to never paying bills late, or not spending money on things you could get at home. Not all rules are bad, but to lose your fear of money, you need to identify which ones are not in service to you being financially empowered. Identify those rules and make an effort to deviate from them.

3. Eliminate ‘Should’

Many people have a list of ideas of things that they ‘should’ do in their lives, whether that is with their money, their time or their whole lives. Did you grow up expecting to get married and have children, for example? Or do you expect dinner to be on the table at 7pm every night? These things are born of ‘shoulds’ – dinner should be ready for 7pm, you should be a wife and a mother. The same is true of money. You could believe that you should earn a certain amount, or should save a certain percent, or only spend money on some things. Whatever your ‘shoulds’ are, replace them with ‘coulds’. It will alleviate the pressure that you are putting on yourself, and make you much less likely to be worried about money.

4. Get rid of money clutter

Many people who are scared of money have a very cluttered financial environment. They run their business from their personal account, for example, or they don’t know who they owe money to when, so they get behind. That flustered feeling of having money clutter reinforces the fear. Take a good look at your finances and move things about to make it as clear as possible what position you are in today and every day. You’ll feel much less frightened and stressed once you know exactly where you stand.

5. Talk it over
Acknowledging your money fears and trying to eliminate them, along with the scarcity mindset that usually accompanies them, is a big task. Having a third-party such as a coach or mentor can really expedite the process and have an immense impact on personal growth. They can identify things that you may have normalized or not noticed, and draw attention to areas of weakness or pain that you are not aware of. Talking over challenges and making a plan to combat them leads to healing, and losing the fear of money and that scarcity mindset in favour of success once and for all.

Your money mindset is ingrained over a long period, and it can take a long time to fully eliminate fear and scarcity. However, if you remember to keep practicing these principles, you will awaken your powerful money beliefs and ensure that you are standing strong in your feminine fortune.

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“Money really is like a person. If you ignore money, it will stop coming to you. Treat it like a friend.” – Rebecca Matias

5 Steps To Be in Your Feminine Power When Talking to Others

Posted on: February 22nd, 2017 by Rebecca

Communication is one of the most important areas of life. We are always communicating, whether it’s conversations in a business context, with romantic partners, with friends or just generally in life. Being able to communicate openly and effectively will set you up for success, and make you much more effective and productive in all areas of your life. Here are five simple steps to being in your feminine power when talking to others:

  1. Prepare for conversations

Take a few moments to prepare yourself and the other person for the conversation you are going to have. For example, make sure the conversation is in an appropriate setting – private conversations should be somewhere quiet and private; business conversations are best held in a business setting. Try to avoid any interruptions.

  1. Manage Your Emotions

If you have watched the Effective Communication training in the School of Feminine Fortuneyou will know exactly how your emotions play into your communication. Try to go into any conversation with your emotions fully under control, taking notes about what you need to do and say if it helps. Clear your mind before the meeting and go in with the mindset that the communication will be both successful and efficient.

  1. Invite The Other Person

Ensure that the conversation is at a good time for everyone involved. In a personal conversation you may just mention that you have something you would like to share or talk about, and invite them to have that conversation with you. In a business setting, you may be informing someone that you need to talk, and you may ask them to prepare something or give them some insight into what you would like to talk about. In both cases, you are allowing the other person to make sure they are free and willing to participate in the conversation, which sets it up for success.

  1. Set Your Boundaries

Next, prepare your boundaries for the conversation. Acknowledge which behaviors you will be available for, and which you will not. For example, emotions could be flying high may result in the need for the meeting needing to resume at a later date so that the person upset can collect themselves and the communication can continue more effectively at another time. Anger may be another emotion that you would prefer to disengage from.

  1. Visualize Success

Finally, before you go into the communication, visualize yourself having a successful conversation. Whether it is personal, professional or just a general conversation, picture the communication and how you would like it to go, and focus on what you would like the outcome to be. This puts you in the right frame of mind to go and achieve success.

Once you have practiced these steps, you will find that you can fly through them – you may never change your boundaries, for example, and visualization will become a normal part of the communication process. Every step will help to make your communications more effective, and help you to be more successful overall.

5 Tips For Mastering Sales Conversations

Posted on: February 15th, 2017 by Rebecca

Sales conversations can often feel difficult, especially for women. Some feel that they have to be inauthentic, pushy or salesy to be able to close deals, and that mentality reflects in the calls that you have – your belief that your calls will be pushy and awkward means they end up that way. So how can you change your mentality and prepare for successful, confident sales calls? Follow these five tips.

1. Establish a protocol

To start with, plan out your protocol. What exactly do you need to do to make the call a success? Clearly communicate with your client about your protocol before, during and after the call. Do any preparation work before the call. Inform your client of anything they need to bring to the call. Once the call has finished, send over any necessary materials and do so promptly.

Remember to plan out how the call will take place. Will you use a mobile phone? A service like Skype? Will you call your client? Do you send reminders before calls? I would recommend always communicating that you will call the client, and using their own time zone so they do not need to spend time converting and will feel taken care of. If you feel organized and ready, you will come across that way.

2. Establish yourself as an expert

Enter EVERY sales conversation knowing that you are the expert. Your client has come to you because you can help them to solve a problem. You are not being pushy, and there is no need for awkwardness – lean back in the call and ask questions. Genuinely listen to your client. You do not need to prove yourself to them, as they are already spending time talking to you. Engage with the conversation comfortably as your professional self.

3. Take charge

This can seem scary, but it is necessary. You are the expert. Lead the conversation. Through active listening, guide the conversation so you find out everything you need to know about your client and their goals and challenges. Ask follow up questions to go deeper for more information and show that you are truly listening. You do not want sales calls that are taken up by your client asking you questions – retain control. This will make your client feel safe and respect you as the expert.

4. Hold space

Hold a sacred space for every client that you speak to. Make them feel comfortable and valued, and show that you are listening to them actively and genuinely. Make your client feel that you are interested in helping them and that you are invested in their future success. Listen to their circumstances and goals, and avoid buying into any excuses. You need to hear their struggles and return them to a place where they are seeing what is possible. Always remember that your client must both believe in and desire change for you to be able to help them. You need to hold space to be able to serve them properly.

5. Do not solve their problems

Many women approach sales calls as an opportunity to solve problems. That is not what they are for. Use your sales calls to assess whether people are a good fit for your products or services. If the wrong people buy your services, they will not achieve the things they are aiming for, and this will cause stress for you and them. Assess whether the client has a goal in mind, whether they are happy with their current situation, why they are having trouble reaching their goals. Assess whether you feel you can help them. If you can, you are likely to make a sale, but you do not need to solve their problems on this initial call.

Once you have followed the above tips, you will find that sales calls feel a lot less daunting and awkward. Instead, they can be an enjoyable time to stand in your feminine power. The perfect preparation will be reusable time after time, until sales calls feel natural and your calendar is full of potential clients. And if you are serious about mastering your sales conversations and increasing your confidence as you increase your bottom line, check out this VERY limited time offer to get 12 full weeks of training and coaching with me!

5 Simple Steps to Filling Your Calendar with Clients

Posted on: February 7th, 2017 by Rebecca

Is Your Business Ready To Attract Clients?

If you did not immediately answer yes, you are not alone. Throughout my coaching career, I have noticed that women entrepreneurs often do not feel ready to make their businesses public. There is always something else that they feel they need in place before they are ready to go public and book clients to make more money. People won’t buy your stuff if they don’t know who you are.

The bottom line is that being visible and generating capital for your business is a winning choice. It allows you to create money fast, delegate tasks to others and build momentum. The fastest way to generate capital? To acquire clients.

You really do not need a fancy website, a professional photoshoot or a graphic designer to start with. You need yourself, the right sales mastery training and the ambition to go to events and offer your service to prospective clients. When I was starting out, I gave a 20 minute presentation to 10 people at an event. I offered a prospective client call at the end of my speech, six people booked a call with me and four of those people purchased a coaching package. This did not require a website or some great photos; just myself and a phone. How can you get yourself to the same place?

  1. Acknowledge that it is easy to make money and book clients when you get the right training and coaching. Let go of any beliefs that you are not ready, or that you need to finish some smaller tasks before people will work with you.
  2. Work out your financials. When you are paid, how much will you pay yourself and how much will you reinvest into your business? When you have made $3,000 in revenue, is it time to invest in more trainings to further your success? Plan out what investments you will make when.
  3. Set up your delegation checklist. Whether you already have team members or you are working on your own, start to make notes about tasks in either your personal or professional life that you could delegate. Note down what the task is, when it needs to be done, who else could do it and the date that you wish to have delegated it by. For example, you may want a chef, or a mentor.
  4. Reserve time in your calendar. Next, work out what time you will dedicate to client calls and reserve that time in your calendar. It is ok if you do not have any calls booked yet. The number of clients that you have is directly related to the number of calls and meetings that you conduct, so this time is vital. Hold an energetic space for your intention of working with clients. It will also reveal how many calls you can physically do each week before you need to bring in help.
  5. Visualize your calendar being full. Sit in a quiet place, and calmly visualize your dream client. Give them a name. See their name and number in your calendar. Let yourself imagine how you would feel – excited? Anticipation? Envision holding the call with them, talking them through their goals and how you can help. Envision the outcome from the call that you most desire. Are they excited to work with you? Do they pay you immediately? Imagine this over and over until your calendar is full.

Now believe that you are ready, and make an effort to start filling those client call slots! Reach out to past connections, use social media, use email and phone calls. Do everything you can to reach prospective clients and encourage them to work with you. Everything else can wait. And if you are serious about mastering your sales conversations and increasing your confidence as you increase your bottom line, check out this VERY limited time offer to get 12 full weeks of training and coaching with me!

8 Steps to Sales Call Success

Posted on: February 1st, 2017 by Rebecca

How much time this month have you spent on sales calls that did not close?

If your answer is “too much”; you are not alone. Many women struggle with sales calls, especially selling themselves or talking about money. You may feel like you are being pushy, or are uncomfortable being too salesy. It does not need to feel this way. With a simple change in perspective and preparation, you can feel much more at ease with sales calls – and close deals much faster.

The secret when it comes to sales is how you prepare. There are a few key areas that you need to have taken care of to be truly ready to close that call. If any are missing; the prospect could feel uncertain about your service or product – leading to an awkward call, and the potential for your value to be questioned. So how do you prepare?

1. Change your perception

There are two concepts to embrace to change your perception. The first is beginner’s luck – expect big things from every sales call. The second is to believe that the Universe will meet you halfway. I call this miracle mindedness. These two concepts combine to make you persistent and resilient, which is the perfect attitude for sales.

2. Reform your money beliefs

How do you truly feel about money? Unproductive money beliefs can hinder your sales even if you are doing everything else right. To discover your money beliefs, sit somewhere quiet and visualize yourself in a room with money. Think about it for five minutes; letting your head clear.

Now, was the money yours? Where was it in relation to you? If it was not yours, or it was locked away or out of reach, you could have unresolved money issues that you should work through ASAP. I am always here to support you with this.

3. Adjust your mindset

Consider how you feel about the sales process. Are you the pushy used car salesman, making promises you cannot keep, or will your product or service genuinely benefit the people you are trying to sell it too? Aim for the latter. See your prospect in their highest potential and remember that you are providing them with a service even during the sales call.

4. Know your value

What is your service worth? Think in terms of finance, but also benefits – how does it impact on the buyer’s life? Does it affect their health, business or relationships? Remember the ripple effect! Be clear in your mind about the benefits of your product.

5. Feel the fear…

There is truth in the old adage that you should feel the fear and do it anyway. Being a confident, successful woman involves you accepting fear and doing what you are afraid of anyway. Everything you desire is right outside of your comfort zone.

6. Remember your past

Before your call, visualize occasions in the past when you did something you were afraid of and the results were positive. Keep them in mind as you conduct the call.

7. Transform your preparation

How do you really feel about sales calls? If they make you feel slimy and pushy, you are likely to create calls that feel slimy and awkward. If you believe you are delivering value and being of service, the call turns out much nicer. Go into the call with the right beliefs about what you are offering. Be positive and upbeat, and know you are worthy of the time.

8. Learn from a mentor

Mastering sales calls involves many different concepts, from clearing out unproductive money beliefs to becoming confident and performing through fear. Your self-talk has a big part to play in how successful your sales calls will be. An experienced mentor can help you work through your fears and fully master confident, successful sales calls.